pre-mastered audio sample

Changing TYMZ - EP Samples

Special thanks to my band Changing TYMZ for the samples.  All Music copyrighted and owned by Changing TYMZ


A&R Blog Review

Hailing from Pittsburgh, five-piece band CHANGING TYMZ has released their single ‘Stand Up’ infusing that rock/metal style through thunderous instrumentals and raucous vocals.  Kicking off with a bang, and the electrifying shred on the guitar adding in that powerful bang on the drum to create this loud and intense instrumental.  

The instrumentation is insane and this band isn’t afraid to kick it up a notch and make sure to bring it louder whilst getting heavier. With the vocal ranges, they’re always at heightened volume, with that gravelly texture to them. 

When the instrumentation and the vocals combine together is what gives this track that suspenseful feeling that intensifies as the song goes on.  Always giving the instrumentation their time to shine, towards the end letting the guitar and the drums completely take over and illuminate the background.

Completely smashing the shred on the electric guitar and adding in that hard-hitting drum beat as they come together and create this heavy and powerful instrumentation.  Listen to CHANGING TYMZ Stand Up by heading on over to YouTube now. 

Review by Karley Myall